I don’t know about you, but I needed somewhere to keep all my racing bibs.  First, I tossed them in a drawer, then I ran out of room after collecting so many over the years.  What a great idea to put them all together in a BibFOLIO!  No need to search for them, because they are all together in a nice wooden album.  The BibFOLIO is made from hand-finished wood and printed using a high-resolution printing process.  They are available in a wide selection of cover designs and colors options, including customization with your name or special message.

Very easy to use, I would suggest using the vinyl page protector sleeves to protect your bibs.  The bibs slip into the top of the sleeves which fits most bibs. (mine all fit perfectly)  I decided to put mine in back-to-back so I could fit them all in.  Located at the top of the sleeve is a grey writeable surface where you can add your race information/finish time.  The protective sleeves fit in the BibFOLIO perfectly and can also be used to insert photos and other race memorabilia.  Once you have all your bibs in their sleeves, you can use the twist cable rings to hold them in the BibFOLIO.  The twist cable is easy to unscrew so you can add more bibs over time.  It really is a nice way to display and share your race memories with others.


  • BibFOLIO measures 9.5" x 8"

  • Laminated 1/4" folio board

  • Fits most racing bibs

  • Easily add bibs by opening BibFOLIO clips (fits over 100 bibs)

  • Personalize with your name or message

  • 2 1/8" round binder ring

  • Three vinyl protector sheets

  • Shipped in a reusable inspirational running motif gift bag


Larger Binder Ring Option

In order to accommodate a larger quantity of bibs they offer a set of 2 large-size binder rings. These white binder rings are 3 1/4" in diameter, are rubberized and feature an easy screw closure for easy opening and closing.