Crunch Live: Top It Off Online Workout

Crunch Live offers a variety of workouts tailored to your individual needs. Often times, after a run I like to choose a yoga workout to help me stretch and get some added core work. Today I decided I wanted to do a little more upper body work, so I selected Top It Off which offers a 30-minute workout that will shape and sculpt every muscle in your upper-body in a two-part video. This workout uses 2.5lb and 5lb weights and a mat. It began with a 5-minute warm up: jumping jacks, simulated jump rope, and boxing arms to get the body moving without weights. It was intense isometric work, and my arms were already feeling fatigued. We grabbed the 5lb dumbbells and began to execute the following exercises: biceps hammer curl variations, triceps extensions, overhead press, chest press, side arm raises, and reverse fly. Next, we went into some faster arm movements with lighter 2lb weights. This was very challenging, and my arms were fatigued! The exercises were fun, and we moved quickly from one to the other so you never got bored. The instructor, Jen Frankel, was excellent at explaining each movement to ensure proper form. 

The second segment was on the mat for some floor work. Just when you think your arms have had enough, you are down on the mat for some plank variations, push ups, and tricep dips.  Finally, we were into the cool down and stretching phase, and boy were my arms ready to stretch!  

This workout was very challenging for me, since I prefer heavier weights and less reps, but today I was doing the opposite, lighters weights and more reps. As they say, it is best to change it up so your body keeps being challenged! With this workout, I can say it did just that! For a 30-minute workout, and strictly upper body, I thought it was just right. The nice thing about Crunch Live, if you feel like you want more, you can restart the workout and do it all over again or select another one to try. You can even mix and match to get a total body workout! I really enjoy selecting my workouts each day, so I don't get bored doing the same thing.

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