Crunch Live: Yoga Body Sculpt Online Workout

If you like PiYo, then you are going to love this workout! Yoga Body Sculpt is led by instructor Bethany Lyons. You will need a mat and bare feet for this 34-minute workout. It is broken into two sections; the first section is high energy movements (Vinyasa flow) focusing on sculpting the body and developing core strength. The continuous movements help keep the heart rate up and your mind sharp! The workout begins seated on the mat, but you quickly move onto your hands and knees, then into downward dog. The flow of the poses can be challenging for beginners, but after you have done this workout a couple times, it gets easier to execute. 

The second section is a little easier, with standing tree pose, double pigeon, and some supine twist stretches. You will get a burn in your legs through the warrior pose variations during this section of the workout.

Overall, I enjoyed the workout, and it was very challenging to keep up the very first time I tried it, but having done it 3 times now it has gotten easier because I know the routine. The instructor was easy to follow for the most part, but at times she does get you moving so fast from pose to pose that it is hard to watch her and keep up with your own poses. She goes through some proper form techniques, but not very often. I did enjoy the reminder of when to breath and how to breath.

This workout was listed at 30 minutes in duration, but the actual running time is 34:20 so it is a little longer than most of their workout videos. Personally, I enjoy the option of stopping at the end of the workout, but if you feel you need a full hour, then you can play the video again and get your full hour in or select another video. The options at Crunch Live make it nice to build your own workout based on your own needs. Plus, if you are short on time, you can select a quick 15-minute workout.

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