Crunch Live: Quick Core Online Workout

After a run, I enjoy a little stretching and core work. When short on time, this is a great workout because it is only 18 and a half minutes long, and it targets the entire core. (abs, obliques, low back) This workout is led by Deborah Sweets, and it requires a mat. All of the moves are done on the mat down on the floor. I found the workout to be perfect for beginners, but it also incorporates modifications for those desiring a little extra challenge.

The workout begins in Child's Pose and then moves into Cobra. Deborah instructs on how to breath and move through each movement gently with an easy flow. Modifications are given for beginners and challenges for the advanced. It then moves into Cat Cow with the option of staying with a slow flow or moving into a quicker flow, depending on experience.

Plank variations are instructed as well as side planks and side crunches. Throughout the workout you never feel rushed or lost. Deborah conducted the class in an instructional and fundamental manner, making it fun and challenging for various fitness levels.

The only criticism is that it just kind of ended...abruptly, without any cool down or stretching, and it was a quick workout, which for some may be too short.

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