Crunch Live: Virgin Yoga Online Workout

During my "off season" from marathon training, I have decided to try a variety of different workouts. Being an avid runner, my muscles are usually tight and sore. Yoga has helped me to stretch and lengthen the tight muscles. Crunch Live has given me the ability to try out a variety of workouts available online anytime and in the comfort of my own home. This week I decided to try out Virgin Yoga with instructor Taj Harris. This is a 30-minute fundamental introduction to yoga. It is excellent for anyone brand new to yoga as well as a good refresher course in the basics of yoga. Taj explained the movements and poses while focusing on form and breathing. The workout was easy to follow, and the music was nice and relaxing. I found myself flowing easily through each pose without falling behind. I enjoyed the reminders of how to breathe through each movement; excellent reminders of engaging your core and lengthening your spine through the poses. She really explains the poses and the correct form, so you have a full understanding of how to execute each pose. The first 15 minutes were standing on the mat, and then down onto the floor for the final 15 minutes of mat work. The workout included a warm-up and cool-down followed by deep stretching.

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