Crunch Live: Broadway Dance Online Workout

Time to put on my dancing shoes!  I decided to try a new workout by Crunch Live called Broadway Dance with instructor Jennifer.  I am a fan of musicals and thought it would fun to try a dance workout for a change.  This workout is 30 minutes long and includes 6 different types of dancing.  We began with Dream Girls and then moved into New York and some Chicago musical selections.  Then Jennifer decided to switch it up a bit and threw in some Cuban Beat music, and closing with Mamma Mia and then a cool down to Fever.

The workout was fun, a little hard to follow because the dance choreography is fast and at times hard to follow, or in my case, hard to remember.  First time out, I did OK, however I think I would do much better the second time around after knowing the choreography a little better.

The workout was more cardio with some jumps, kicks, and spins.  There were 2 other dancers in the video, but no options were given to increase intensity.  Often in previous Crunch Live videos, you can follow along with the instructor in the class or there are suggestions as to how to increase intensity or lower intensity, but no modification were offered in this video.

In closing, I would suggest this video as more of a cardio workout.  If you like Zumba, then you will probably like this workout.  The music is fun and the dance styles are ever changing so you don't get bored. 

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