Crunch Live: The Athlete's Online Workout

This workout will help you improve speed, agility, and power. Intense intervals of cardio and strength training are alternated to provide a total body workout, while strength training exercises using weights target your upper and lower body, then take it to the floor, finishing up with targeted ab work. (30 min)

Warmup began with the boxer shuffles, lunges, step taps forward and backward then side-to-side and some step squats.  The upper body was added in for a total body warm up with some punches, upper cut, and arm curls.

Resistance training with weights2.5lb, 5lb or 8lb dumbbells started with squats and biceps curls to over head press.  Then we did bent over rows and dead lifts, with some calf raises in between rows.  Reverse lunges with hammer curls and side deltoids raises.  Squat to the right with front raises and to over head press and triceps overhead kick backs.  This was a fun segment with a lot of quick moves, but nothing too challenging.  It was easy to follow and the transitions were quick you so never got tired of doing the same combinations.  An excellent total body resistance training workout that you can customize based on the weight of your dumbbells.

Next transition was into a cardo burst section.  We started with modified jumping jacks, then we started to pick it up into a more challenging pace and added in some high knees.  The instructor, Justin Flexon, was excellent at challenging us to kick it up if we wanted more intensity.  We moved into side lunge hops, leg side kicks, reverse lunges, ice skaters and other quick leg movements.  This section is designed to get your heart rate up.

At the halfway mark, we added back in the weights with some back work: lat row, kick back, fly.  At this point, we added in a side lunge to get the lower body moving and went into a single leg balance with single arm row to an overhead press.  The combos were fun and targeted the various muscles groups in different ways, which is always the BEST way to challenge your muscles.  Pay attention to your form, the instruction doesn't explain much as far as form goes so you need to know your stuff!  After the weights, we then began our second cardio burst section.

This workout ended with some core work on the mat: crunches, v-sits, planks, and then we ended with  some stretching.  I would suggest you do a little more stretching to ensure you stretch your complete upper and lower body.  Stretching is always done at the end of the workout and I would suggest you hold each stretch for 30 seconds.

I really enjoyed this workout and it is excellent for runners as a total body toning workout.  If you only run as your form of exercise, you really need to add in some resistance training and the cardio bursts help improve your speed.

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