Crunch Live: Bare Online Workout

This 30 minute workout, Bare, is led by fitness instructor and certified podiatrist, Dr. Emily.  A mat and barefeet are suggested for this workout as it is designed to strengthen and sculpt your entire body from your feet up.  The workout includes Pilates, Yoga and barefoot balance training.  The benefits include improved balance, posture, and strength. 

First impressions, I didn't not care for the instructor.  Dr. Emily is very intense and moves through each pose quickly and almost in a jerky manner, not your typical natural flow you see in Yoga and Pilates.  Her movements are almost harsh and she uses her hands a lot to emphasize the next exercise she is about to execute.  I found her to be distracting, due to her teaching technique. 

Overall, the workout is good and you do get some great core work and balance challenges.  I really enjoyed the emphasis on the feet, since most workouts don't include any feet strengthening exercises.  We did spend a lot of time in Sumo Squat, which was a bit repetitious even for a 30 minute workout.  The workout ended with a short stretching section.

Even though I didn't care for Dr. Emily's teaching techniques, she is excellent at describing proper form through out the workout.  I would suggest this workout for beginners to advanced Pilates/Yoga enthusiasts.

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