Crunch Live: Laugh Your Ass Off Online Workout

This 15 minute workout is let by Mitchell Wayne.  It is a quick lower body workout consisting of standing and floor work.  It begins with a 2 minute Step Touch warm up followed by a 1 minute static stretch of the legs.  The mat work consists of several leg extensions on your hands and knees.  The instructor is great at offering options for each exercise, which I always appreciate.  A quick stretch and then onto the next section of various bridge exercises and modifications, followed by 2 minutes of final stretching.  It was quick and it was challenging thanks to the modifications.

Over all, the instruction was good, but as the title says, "Laugh Your Ass Off" I didn't feel the humor was very appropriate.  It was funny at times and then not so funny.  I could have done without the humor.  The other negative, the instructor sweats a lot, so much so that you can see a visible puddle on his mat.  I also sweat a lot, but I wear a hat or sweatband so I don't drip everywhere.  It would have been nice if this instructor decided to do the same.

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