Product Review: doTERRA Lavendar Oil

I received several samples in the mail of doTERRA essential oils.  I was skeptical as to whether or not they would work. After speaking with a few consultants about their products I was intrigued. Could they really replace some of the over-the-counter products I was currently using, and how would they measure up to the supplements I was using that my chiropractor suggested. First impressions, I was thrilled to hear that they were certified pure therapeutic grade. 

  • 70% more potent than herbs

  • Can be used topically, internally, and aromatically

  • No side effects, no addictions

  • doTERRA Essential Oils are SAFE enough for infants and for your insides

  • 100% Natural -- no fillers, no weeds, no pesticides, nothing synthetic.

  • Only CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) oils can be taken internally

  • Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils are the highest standard of Essential Oils in the market today.

All Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils are third-party tested. The company has no influence over the results of the tests. CPTG Essential Oils are guaranteed to be 100% pure, beyond organic and free of synthetic compounds or contaminates.  Ok, so for me, this was HUGE!  I hate eating anything that isn't organic and I hardly ever use any over-the-counter medications.

While we were in San Francisco for the marathon, I started using the Lavender oil. I placed it on the bottoms of me feet at night to help me fall asleep and stay asleep. I usually can’t sleep the weeks leading up to a marathon, but I was sleeping like a baby! Then after the marathon, my right arm armpit area was completely chafed. This is a recurring issue I have from endurance running, but this time it was the entire area, not just one tiny spot. I applied the lavender oil after my shower expecting it to sting, but it immediately took the pain away and soothed the area. I also had a small blister on the side of my foot, I applied the lavender oil and by morning the fluid was all drained out and it wasn’t even sore! I kept applying the lavender both morning and night on my chafed skin and by the 4th day, it was almost completely healed. This was unheard of since I usually use Neosporin and it takes weeks to heal. Needless to say, I was sold. 

My entire family has found uses for lavender oil. My husband had burned his hand in the kitchen and we applied the oil, it reduced the pain and prevented blistering.

My children have very fair skin and often get sunburns when they forget to reapply sunscreen after swimming. My son had the worst sunburn on his back; we applied the oil and with in two days it was healed and pain free. He said it actually worked to take the sting away, too.

Dry and chapped skin are other issues we suffer from. Due to all the sweating on my long runs, the area around my nose is always dry, red and irritated. I have tried everything, and nothing treated these conditions. Lavender oil healed it up over night!

Here are a few more uses of lavender oil:

  • Add a few drops of Lavender to pillows, bedding, or bottoms of feet for a restful night’s sleep.

  • Keep a bottle of Lavender on hand for minor burns, cuts, and scrapes.

  • Freshen your linen closet, mattress, car, or the air by combining Lavender with water in a spray bottle.

  • Add to bath water to soak away stress or apply to the temples and the back of the neck to ease muscle tension.

  • Use in cooking to soften citrus flavors and add a flavorful twist to marinades, baked goods, yogurt, desserts and beverages, too!

  • Soothes occasional skin irritations and aids quick recovery

  • Eases muscle tension

I have turned from a skeptic to a believer.  Everyday we find a new use for this little oil, and we are amazed at all its benefits in just this one oil.  Now I just wish someone had told me about it sooner! To find out more about doTERRA visit