What is your hill?

I have learned to really enjoy hill running.  I used to hate and dread each hill repeat day.  Now, I look forward to them!  Thankfully, I live in the hills of Southern California, so I have my choice of various hills to run.  I tend to switch it up, sometimes I choose to run the same hill (hill repeats) and charge up it as fast as I can, then I take my time coming back down to recover.  Other times I choose to run 10 different hills, each one giving me a different challenge.

Just like in life, the more hills you climb the stronger you become.  Obstacles God places in front of you can be tackled like a hill.  You just have to get up and over them.  Pushing yourself harder than you ever thought possible, staying strong as you push towards the top without stopping!  God is buy your side all the way, helping you get up and over that hill.

What lies on the other side of that hill?  The down hill, the coasting, your break from the hard up hill, a feeling of accomplishment as you catch your breath and and the pain of the climb subsides.

You did it!  Now enjoy the view!