Crunch Live: Fat Burning Pilates Online Workout

As a marathon runner, I don't stretch as much as I probably should. Often times, after a long run I am so tired and so sore, it is just too much work to try and stretch. I always try to get some stretching in, and I always foam roll. Currently, I am in my "off season," and I have been enjoying new workout routines. Today I decided to try out Fat Burning Pilates on Crunch Live with instructor Michelle Williams. I have tried a previous workout online with the Michelle, and I really enjoyed her personality and instruction, so I was looking forward to try another workout with her.

This workout was 30 minutes long. The first 15 minutes are standing cardio and pilates. I found it hard to follow Michelle; she just didn't seem to instruct the class (me) in how to execute the movements and poses, and she moved through them rather quickly, so I had a hard time keeping up. There was little to no instruction as to the correct form when performing the movements and poses, which was frustrating. As a personal trainer, I know the importance of proper form. Also, this video seemed to be edited in a different manner switching from front-facing shots of the instructor, so you could "mirror" her moves easily, to reverse-angle shots, thus making the moves appear in the opposite direction. This made it confusing to follow the proper direction of each movement.

The second half of the workout was floor work on the mat. This I really enjoyed; a lot of core work and planks, which I love. It was much easier to follow, and Michelle made this section flow more naturally from one pose into the next. I still would have appreciated more emphasis on form, but I did feel like for 30 minutes it was a great stretching, core, and cardio workout.

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