Crunch Live: Buff Yoga Online Workout

This workout combines strength training and core abdominal work with the moves of a traditional yoga practice.  It is designed to build strength and flexibility. You will need a mat and some light dumbbells. The instructor is Taj Harris, one of my favorites!

The class began with breath work, while standing tall.  Then movement was added into the breath work with some overhead arm circles that flowed into prayer position; then some arm circles back ending with a squat into chair pose.  After completing this routine, light weights were added in and the routine was done while holding the weights. 

As the class progressed along, you will have completed four different routines both with and without the dumbbells for a total body resistance training session. 

The next section of the class involved balance training with dumbbells.  Balance training challenges you to balance on one leg while executing upper body poses with the dumbbells. 

The class ended down on the mat with some core work and stretching.  Again, the weights were incorperated into the core training.  This workout challenges your body to work harder and you get a better workout. 

I really enjoyed the concept of adding light dumbbells into yoga poses.  It was a fun workout, it moved along quickly without getting bored.  The instructor is very pleasant and excellent at instruction as well as progressing you along if necessary.  I learned something new: in standing tree pose, never put your foot on your knee because your knee doesn't like to be pushed from side-to-side.

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