Week 3 Boston 2015 Training

Week 3 is all about pushing your body to just about the breaking point! This first month of training is always the hardest. Your body is building up on mileage, endurance, and VO2 Max. It is hard, it is challenging, and it is exhausting! Everyday is a challenge both mentally and physically. Here is what my week looked like:

MONDAY: Resistance training

  • Squats with bicep curls to overhead press using 12lb. dumbbells, 10 reps, 3 sets

  • Single leg squat with single arm overhead press using 12lb. dumbbells, 10 reps, 3 sets

  • Step-ups using 12lb. dumbbells, 10 reps, 3 sets

  • Lat rows using 12lb. dumbbells, 10 reps, 3 sets

  • Pushups with feet elevated and single leg extensions, 20 reps, 2 sets

  • Single leg bridge 25 reps, 4 sets

  • Row machine at the gym 35 minutes total (5 minutes easy, 10 hard, 5 easy, 10 hard, 5 easy)

Chiropractor: regular adjustment



1200 meters with 200 recovery interval (RI)

1000 with 200 RI

800 with 200 RI

600 with 200 RI

400 with 200 RI

I was hard trying to keep my new running form in place while doing the speed work and really using my glutes, not my hamstrings. I am in physical therapy because I have become a hamstring-dominate runner, meaning the hamstrings take over and, thus, are overused and strained. Now I have to run and remember to extend my leg out behind me and fire my glutes as I push off the ground and lengthen my stride, all while maintaining my forward lean and mid-foot strike. This was a difficult drill because there isn't much time to recover in between. I find myself wanting to give up at the same point every time, but I never do. Positive mantras keep playing in my mind and keep me going; "You can do this. This is the work and the marathon is the reward. You are almost there. Stay strong!"

Upper Body resistance training with 10lb. dumbbells and core training. I worked my biceps, triceps, lats, delts, and pecs.

Lower Body resistance training with band/tube. Forward lunges, reverse lunges, squats.


WEDNESDAY: PiYo (Pilates Yoga)

I did a workout at the gym in the morning for core and total body strengthening and stretching. Spin class in the evening for non-impact cross training.



I began with one mile at an easy pace, then completed five miles at 7:53 average pace per mile without stopping and finish with one mile easy cool down. Here is how it went: 

  • Mile 1  @ 8:04 (wind resistance)

  • Mile 2 @ 8:15 (wind resistance)

  • Mile 3 @ 8:17 (hill)

  • Mile 4 @ 7:53

  • Mile 5 @ 7:50

I chose a route that was an out-and-back, so the first half was hard with the wind resistance and the hill, but on the way back no wind and no hill, so I was able to meet my desired pace. Whenever I end up with a windy day on my tempo run day, I always consider it an added bonus to my drill, something God knows I need that day!


FRIDAY: Physical therapy with my therapist.

This was my last session, so we worked on my running form, and then I completed one set of single leg bridges at 25 reps per leg. Then he did some deep tissue massage on my hamstring/glutes. We have now determined there is a knot at the insertion location of my right hamstring/tendon at the glutes.


SATURDAY: Day of rest


SUNDAY: LONG SLOW DISTANCE  17 miles at 8:57 average pace.

My average pace ended up being 8:48. I chose rolling hills and did an out-and-back route. I kept myself hydrated and fueled with NUUN and HUMA, which I take every 45 minutes after I begin running. For the post-endurance workout I consumed a meal that was 3:1 carb to protein, and I stretched. In doing so, I recovered much faster! Another trick to recover faster is to drink CHERI Bundi cherry juice as soon as the run is completed.