Crunch Live: Attack That Core Online Workout

As a road runner, I know the importance of a strong core.  If your core is strong, you can stay steady on the changing terrain, elevation, and running surfaces.  I live in the hills of Southern California, so a strong core is vital to all the hill running I endure.

Whenever possible, I prefer to workout at home, that is why I love Crunch Live so much!   If you aren't familiar with Crunch Gym, they are best known for their cutting-edge classes and now Crunch Live lets you sweat it out anytime, anywhere. Get unlimited access to 50+ online workouts inspired by Crunch's most popular (and results driven) classes including kick butt cardio, strength training, yoga and more.

I decided to give Attach That Core 30 minute workout a try.  The instructor, Deborah Sweets, is very pleasant and knows how to make the workout fun and move along quickly without getting boring.  The first 15 minutes are standing ab work and the second 15 minutes are down on the mat for some lower back work.

This workout targeted the entire abdominal area, including your obliques and some lower body moves to include the glutes.  I love finding new ways to challenge my core, because we all know that regular crunches and planks get old fast!

If you haven't thought about your core much, this is a good video to start with.  You can try it today with their  3-Day FREE Trial, or try any of their videos.  I don't know about you, but I love to "try before I buy."

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