Boston Marathon 2016 Training Has Begun

As of Monday, December 28, I have ended the year with the beginning of my Boston Marathon training.  This will mark my 15th full marathon and my fourth consecutive Boston Marathon.  I have a few things working against me, so we will see how it all unfolds.  As always, I train to BQ (My Boston Qualify time is 3:55).  What better place to BQ than at the Boston Marathon!

With three previous Boston Marathons under my belt, I know what to expect as far as the course goes.  I really trained for the course in 2015 and it paid off big time with a new PR of 3:39:00 and a BQ with a 16 minute deficit, which helped guaranteed my spot for 2016.  All of my long training runs began with a 4 mile down hill and then I added in some rolling hills at mile 13 and ended with a tough uphill around mile 18-20 very similar to the Boston Marathon course.  The only thing I can't predict is the weather!  It can vary from 40s to 80s and I have experienced both.  This year was especially challenging with the rain, wind, and 40 degree temps, but I dressed for it and remained pretty warm.  Its the warmer temps that break me and my pace, so I am always praying for cooler race day temps.

Each week I will share my training, so you can see what I do and how I am doing both mentally and physically.  Its a challenge to balance both and still maintain my sanity!  I hope you are encouraged by my journey and I share it because I know when I started running in 2009 I wanted to know how other people did it.  Anything is possible if you believe in yourself and your dreams and you push yourself to achieve them.

Run Strong, Train Smart!