Week 9 Boston Marathon 2015 Training

Check-in time! I am more than halfway to race day, so how am I doing with all this hard training? Good question. The first eight weeks went great. They seemed to fly by, and I was thrilled to reach the halfway mark. Week 9 was tough both mentally and physically. My body is tired and my mind is trying to stay focused on the training and staying strong without wanting to give in and give up. I have been sticking to my training program never missing a scheduled run or cross training day. Everything seemed to be going well, until my tempo run on Thursday. But lets back up a bit. On Tuesday, I ran my faster mile....ever!  I warmed up with a two-mile easy run, then I ran 2x1600 with a one-minute recovery interval in between, followed by 2x800. My first mile was at 6:59 and my second mile was at 7:09. Then I ran 800 in 3:32 and again in 3:30. I was really suffering with the last 800 repeat, but I managed to dig deep and finish strong. What a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction to know the training over the last eight weeks is finally paying off, and I am reaping the rewards.

Wednesdays are my double-workout days with PiYo in the morning and spin class in the evening, so by Thursday morning I am pretty fatigued. Thursday training called for four miles at 7:38 tempo. I wasn't looking forward to this run; I was dreading it. Honestly, I didn't want to do it, but I read my daily devotional Jesus Calling and gathered up my strength in God to get me through it. Before I knew it, I was on my last mile, and yet again I had a very hard time getting it done at 7:38 pace. After the third mile I had to turn around on my trail and run the final mile. After I turned around my body wanted to quit. My pace slowed way down, and I couldn't get my body to run faster. Mind over matter, I kept trying to get my form right and forward lean, but the muscles in my legs were firing wrong. It took a few minutes before I could settle in and get the pace right. My mantras when it gets tough have always been, "This is the work, this is what you are out here for." The real workout starts when you want to stop. Thanks to God, I survived another tough tempo run. That tempo wore me out. I was exhausted the rest of the day, and my body needed recovery. 

Saturday was my day of rest, and I was so tired and exhausted all day. I felt more tired than I do on my training days. My mind started to get the best of me again, and I began to worry about my scheduled 20-mile run on Sunday. The weather forecast called for rain and cooler than normal temps. It was also supposed to rain on Saturday, but it was sunny and beautiful. I began wondering if I should have done my long run on Saturday instead. My mind was all over the place. Thankfully, I have God to help me sort out my thoughts and put things in perspective. Everytime I read the daily devotional, Jesus Calling, I am met at the situation I am in, and it speaks to me; calms my anxious heart and mind.

Sunday brought rain along with cool and windy conditions. I took my time getting out there. The sun was shining as I began my 20-mile run. It started out great; downhill for the first four miles, then I hit some rolling hills. The wind kicked up, and I was actually cold. It rained a little but not too hard. The miles seemed to fly by. This was my second time running on a new trail, so it was fun trying to remember which way to go at every turn. My pace was great, actually a little faster than my schedule. I finished 20 miles just as it started to rain hard and the wind began to blow. My average pace was 8:26, and my training program scheduled pace was 8:40. Another week down and seven more to go. I am looking forward to the taper!