Last Training Week before the Boston Marathon 2015

I am well into my taper, and I have enjoyed running less mileage and allowing my body to recover and rest.  Last week I still continued with my 3 days of cross training and 3 days of running. The only real change is that my weekly mileage went from 34-38 miles down to 23 miles. Since my kids were on spring break, I had to adjust my schedule a little. So I did PiYo on Monday and skipped the swim. On Tuesday I did 5x1000 with 400 rest Interval in between. Here are my times 4:08, 4:12, 4:11, 4:11, 4:25. That last interval was hard, and I had to really push myself to get it done. 

My attitude going into a training run is always to just do the best that I can, and do what feels right without over doing it. This is not the time to break any records and end up injured just weeks before Boston. In doing so, I try to focus on my form and breathing. After my run, I noticed that my right glute was acting up a bit again. This was an issue 6 months ago, and I went through physical therapy to deal with it. My training has been going great, even though I have had to incorporate a new running form concentrating on using my glutes and not only my hamstrings.

Wednesday I went to spin class, my second cross training day of the week. Thursday was a tempo run: warm up 2 miles then run at tempo for 3 miles, and then cool down for a total of 6 miles. My average tempo pace was 7:18, which I was thrilled with. It ended up being a PR for my 5K finish time of 21:53:06.  Again, I concentrated on doing what felt right without over doing it and pushing too hard, but still trying to maintain a comfortable yet hard pace without complete exhaustion. I was pretty pleased with my progress. Now I need to be quite honest, I do not enjoy these hard training days, I actually dread them! Once I get warmed up and begin the first mile of the tempo, everything seems to click, and off I go. Prayer really helps me get through those tough times.

Friday ended up being my rest day, and I enjoyed spending the day working at the Nuun Hydration booth at the So Cal Ragnar race. It was so much fun to meet some fellow bloggers! On Saturday I did another cross training - row machine for 35 minutes. I like to warm up for 5 minutes then interchange 5 minutes hard and 5 minutes easy rowing. This was my last cross training day until the Boston Marathon. I never cross train the week of the race.

Saturday was my last long run before Boston at 10 miles. I decided to give my race outfit a test run, because you always need to try out everything before race day. I even decided to break in my brand new pair of Saucony Kinvara 4 shoes, the same brand of shoe I have been running in for years. To my surprise, I got blisters on the back of both heels! I was shocked because this has never happened with my Saucony Kinvara shoes before! Now I have a dilemma, which shoes to bring to Boston to run in. I usually run in a brand new pair of shoes because they are so bouncy and comfortable. I have a couple of options, so I will bring a selection with me to Boston. The 10-mile run was supposed to be at my projected marathon pace of 8:12 per mile, but lately my average pace has been around 8:03. On this day I managed to keep it comfortable and listened to my body without over-doing it and ended up with an average pace of 7:58.  Here is hoping Boston will go as well!

With the marathon being a week away, I am getting excited and anxious. Not much training will be going on this week, just a few short runs at race pace and no cross training. Trying to pack for this trip is challenging because the weather keeps changing. I don't know if I should bring shorts or capris to run in, long sleeve or sleeveless? My suitcase is going to contain every weather combination imaginable including a couple different running shoes, too.

We fly out to Boston on Thursday, leaving at 8:00 AM California time and arriving in Boston around 7:00 PM. With the time change, I like to arrive a few days early so I can adjust before race day. Friday we will attend the Boston Marathon Expo and pick up my bib. Saturday we have tickets to see the Red Sox and Sunday we will attend church at The Old South Church, or better know as The Church of the Finish Line. Over the course of the weekend I will also be meeting up with several sponsors, running teammates, and bloggers.  It is going to be an amazing week in Boston!

I will be keeping you all posted on Facebook and Instagram.  If you would like to get runner alerts on your phone you can text my bib number 22089 to 234-567.