Week 14 Boston Marathon Training

Two weeks from today will be Marathon Monday!  All the hard work is done, I am trying to trust in my training and believe that I am ready.  This is my third time running Boston, I know the course, I know I will see my husband at mile 17, I know when it gets tough, andI know there is nothing quite like it. 

This week I focused on keeping my mind on positive thoughts: finish strong, run the mile you are in, cruise up the Newton Hills with good form and focus, Heartbreak Hill is a breeze and then down hill to the finish.  I know I can do it, I pray I can do it, I want to run well for all of those that can't.  I want to finish strong for Boston.  This race is more than just another marathon, it is THE marathon.  There is no other sporting event where amateurs can compete against professional elite athletes in the exact same event.  You don't see amateurs out there at the Super Bowl or World Series.  It really puts things in perspective and I don't take the opportunity for granted.

Being in Boston in 2013, my first Boston Marathon and the year of the bombs, has changed me.  I no longer run for myself, but I run for others and with others.  Boston said it right last year, we Run as One.  I can't even begin to describe the feeling of love and welcoming when I arrived back in Boston last year.  All the locals were so friendly and anxious to see us arrive.  It really felt like a huge Welcome Home party.  During the marathon, it was overwhelming to see all of Boston at the marathon, and when I say all, I mean everyone was there as spectators cheering us on or volunteering at the race.  It was incredible to see all the added security along the course making sure we were safe. I am so thankful for the opportunity to run Boston again this year and I hope to continue to for as many years as my body (and God) will allow.

My taper has begun, I am not running long 20 mile runs anymore but my main focus is staying healthy, getting enough sleep, and maintaining a well balanced diet that will keep me nourished and hydrated before race day.  I was suffering with a bit of a cold, so I took it a little easy on the tempo run and intervals.  My long run was 13 miles at race pace, but I have noticed that I seem to be settling into a little faster pace than I had planned.  Maybe I will be ready for a PR in Boston?  God only knows!  All I know is, I have put the work in and now I hold on for the ride of a life time!