Week 4 Boston Marathon Training 2016

This week ended my first month of training.  It was hard and challenging, and I stressed over every training run, but I got it done.  I am so glad the first month is behind me and I am already reaping the rewards with more endurance and faster pace.

This week was pretty much like the previous weeks, except that I ran my first 20 mile long run.  In following the Run Less Run Faster program, I will complete a total of 5 long runs at 20 miles each.  They are not consecutive, but I will range anywhere from 15 to 18 to 20 miles each weekend.   Here is how this week's training went down:

Monday: Resistance training with 12 lbs upper body. 

Row Machine intervals ( 5 min. easy, 5 min. tempo, 5 min. easy, 5 min tempo, 5 min. easy). 

PiYo 1 hour class at the gym.


Tuesday: Balance Ball Core Workout

5x 1000 repeats(4:45, 4:26, 4:19, 4:24, 4:23) It was a hard run day, my legs felt heavy and sluggish.  I couldn't get to the pace I was scheduled for but I didn't give up and I pushed through each repeat anyway.


Wednesday: Spin Class at the gym


Thursday: Tempo Run

4 miles at 7:33 average pace, which was faster than my scheduled 7:38 pace so I felt great!

12 lbs resistance upper body and lower body workout


Friday: Rest Day


Saturday: 20 mile long slow run at 8:42 average pace.  It was the perfect weather (53-59 degrees) and no sun.  I felt good, tried to keep my pace slow and not push too hard.  The last 3 miles my body was tired and sore and I had a huge hill climb.  Still training for the Boston Marathon course, so I begin with 4 miles of down hill and end with some rolling hills and one large hill climb.


Sunday: Active Recovery Road Bike Intervals (10 min. easy, 8 min. hard, 2 min. easy, 8 min. hard, 10 min. easy with some rolling hills.


This week was a little challenging because I didn't do so well on Tuesday, but then on Thursday I did great!  That's the thing with running, you never know how each run will go.  I am keeping my diet healthy with lots of veggies and lean protein and I have added in more carbs since I have been hungry.  Recovery is a challenge because I am so tired and sore, but I am trying to get at least 8 hours sleep every night and stretch and foam roll everyday.