Week 6 Boston Marathon Training 2016

Week 6 Boston Marathon Training 2016

Not feeling too good this week, I am fighting off a cold and allergies are picking up due to the change in our weather (warm up) and the winds are blowing. My kids are sick and I am trying to stay healthy.  This week was tough, I am having trouble sleeping which makes for peak performance difficulties. Sticking with my training plan was exhausting this week.  Here is how it went:


Monday: workout with some medicine balls and kettlebells for core and resistance training with my clients.  Then I went to the gym for a PiYo Class (pilages yoga) and intervals on the Row Machine.


Tuesday: Speed work/hill work.  I decided to mix it up due to the wind resistance knowing I wasn't going to make my pace so I still did the intervals, but I ran a hilly course of 6.5 miles.  Here is how my splits went:

1200m @ 5:29, 1200m @ 5:17, 800m @ 3:33, 800m @ 3:30, 800m @ 3:38, 800m @ 3:55


Wednesday: Spin Class


Thursday: Tempo Run 5 miles at 7:22 average pace/mile.  It was cold today (55 degrees) and pretty windy going out for the first 3 miles.  My Garmin seemed confused during my first mile and clocked it at 6:37 which is wrong.  During a tempo run, you try to maintain the same pace for the duration of the run, without stopping.  Of course you do a slow 1 mile warm up and cool down, but the actual tempo run is no stopping or slowing.

My mile splits were: 6:37, 7:46, 7:43, 7:22, 7:24


Friday: 16.3 mile road bike ride with some heavy wind resistance and hill climbs.


Saturday:  Day of rest: but I didn't really rest much since I was working at the Surf City Marathon Expo all day at the Nuun Hydration booth.


Sunday: Long Run day 20 miles.  It was a tough one because I was really not feeling healthy, my throat was sore and I had a headache.  I had to get up early because the weather was going to reach 80.  Plus the last 4 miles or so were in the wind, which slowed down my pace by 2 minutes per mile.  When I finished, I knew I shouldn't have done that run.  I felt worse and my throat was killing me.  Rest and recovery the rest of the day and into the next 3 days too!  Average pace for the 20 miles was 8:37


Thoughts: remember how hard marathon training is on the body.  You need extra time to rest and recover. Eat right and hydrate well before and after each training run.  Stretch and do some yoga to help recover faster.  I joined Jasyoga.com and I love it!