Week 8 Boston Marathon Training 2016

This is my halfway mark.  Time it flying and race day is getting closer!  I am getting more and more excited about running my 4th Boston Marathon.  Last year, my training went incredibly well and I ran my fastest race ever.  I got a BQ and new PR of 3:39:00 which confirmed that my training really paid off.  That and the fact that I personally run much better in crappy weather conditions (cold, wind, and rain).  This year I am hoping for the same!

Monday: Cross Training with Upper Body resistance training with 12 lbs dumbbells and some Balance Ball core work. Row Machine intervals: 5 min easy, 10 min tempo, 3 min easy, 10 tempo, 5 min easy.  And ended the day with an hour of PiYo at the gym.  I really enjoy this class because it helps to really strengthen my core and work my lower body with body weight resistance training.  The poses also work to lengthen and stretch my muscles to aide in recovery.

Tuesday: Speed Work 2x(6x400) with rest intervals in between.  This is an extremely tough drill, especially on a hot, full sunny day with the temps reaching 80s.  I ended up running to a local park and doing the 400m repeats in the parking lot because it was mostly shady.  Let's just say this got old running back and forth.  The last two I almost gave up and just ran home, but I told myself not to quit.  So I ran the last two repeats on the trails heading back to my home even though they were in the sun and up hill.  I guess I will have to start getting up early and finish my run before it gets too hot!  The dilemma is real, which is more important sleep or running in cooler temps?

Wednesday: Spin Class at the gym

Thursday: 3 mile tempo with warm up and cool down. This ended up being a perfect weather day!!  No sun, but rainy and only 55 degrees.  It was my fastest 5K with splits of 7:15, 7:09 and 7:15.  As a reminder, a tempo run is done to increase speed and endurance and you are NOT to slow down or rest in between each mile.  All 3 miles were done consecutively without stopping or slowing and you need to try and maintain the same pace.  It's a very tough drill, but it really works to get your speed up.

Friday: Cross Training on my road bike with intervals and hills.  Unfortunately I had my very first flat tire and since I have never changed it myself, I was a little nervous to try and do it myself even though I have all the equipment.  Thankfully a very nice group of cyclists stopped and changed it for me!  I am getting more and more comfortable on my bike, but I have to say I am still very afraid of falling.  I hate going down hill too fast, and I don't like riding near cars.  However, I am now comfortable enough to take one hand off the handle bars and grab my nuun water bottle!  Check out my photos on Instagram @crossmyheartfitness

Saturday: Long Run @ 18 miles with an average pace of either 8:17 (Garmin) or 8:02 (strava).  Not sure why there is such a discrepancy, but I got the miles in and the weather wasn't hot, so I survived!

Sunday: Rest Day