Week 9 Boston Marathon Training 2016

I have had to switch my schedule around a bit to accommodate for the warmer weather we are experiencing in Southern California.  As a personal trainer and running coach, I train my clients first thing each morning.  It is extremely hard to get a run in before the weather hits 70-80s, so as we runners must do, we make it work.  I am now getting up at 5:30 AM almost every morning so I can get both my training in as well as my clients.  This is the thing about marathon training, you must manage your time and training to work with your lifestyle.  I do not prefer to run in the dark, mainly because of the coyotes and rattle snakes, so I choose to get it done after the sunrise each morning.

Monday: Cross training day at the gym with an hour PiYo Class and intervals on the row machine.  I highly recommend both. 

PiYo is a fun way to strengthen your body with a combination of pilates and yoga poses put together into a routine that is choreographed to music. You never get bored because every song is a new routine. It can be extremely challenging at times but an excellent way to stretch and strengthen your body in different ways other than running. 

Row Machine is great for cross training because it gets your heart rate up without impact.  Today I did intervals: 5 minutes easy warm up, 5x (3 minutes hard, 1 minute easy) 5 minutes cool down.  If you aren't sure how to row, I would suggest asking for assistance at the gym or Google and watch a how to video.  Make sure to keep your abs tight and really lean forward and back to get that core work in.  Keep the handles on the row machine at chest height as you row in and out and keep those shoulders down.  Don't let the handles drop below shoulder height when returning to start position with knees bent, too many people drop then down below their knees and this is unnecessary.

Tuesday: Speed work 1 mile warm up, 2x (1600) with 1 minute rest interval in between; 2x (800) with 1 minute rest interval.  Here are my splits: First mile @ 6:54, Second mile @ 6:48 Or according to Strava it was 6:38 a new PR, 800m @ 3:39, and 3:28.  Over all a good training run day and the weather was nice and cool because I was up with the sun!

Wednesday: Spin class and some lower body and core work using medicine ball.

Thursday: 4 mile tempo run.  Began with 1 mile warm up,  4 miles at tempo with an average of 7:29 and 1 mile cool down.  Here are my splits: 7:26, 7:43 (wind resistance) 7:22, 7:25.  I can't tell you how discouraging it is when I can't meet my pace due to the wind resistance.  I always tell myself, "I guess God knows best and is giving me a resistance training run today!" "Push through the pain and get it done," I always say.  "This is what the work is for, right here!"  Just some mantras to keep you going.

Friday: Rest day, Praise the Lord and Hallelujah!

Saturday: LONG 20 mile run.  I really tried to slow it down today because last week I went out way too fast.  First 4 miles were down hill (just like the Boston Marathon) then the road flatten out a bit and I hit some rolling hills halfway, followed by one large hill climb at the end.  It's tough, but I got it done and stayed focused and positive.  My husband met up with me to snap some photos.  We lucked out and a horse was out on the trail today, made for a great Instagram post.  I was pretty sore so I soaked in an ice bath for about 30 minutes then I did some yoga stretches at Jasyoga.com to help with recovery.

Sunday: My body was still pretty sore from yesterday, so I took another day to rest.  Better to listen to my body and rest than to push it and end up injured.  Train smart I always say!