Week 11 Boston Marathon Training 2016

This week was awful, I had to switch my schedule around to accommodate for my work schedule.  I was working all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Ca.  It was a lot of fun handing out Fig Bars at the Nature's Bakery booth (I am an ambassador with them) but the hours were long and I was on my feet all three days.  Needless to say, I didn't get any training in during the weekend.


Monday: Cross Training Row Machine Intervals, PiYo, and upper body resistance training.  Began the day training two clients with upper body dumbbells and core work.  Then at the gym I did intervals on the row machine: 5 min warm up, 6x(3 hard, 1 easy) 5 min cool down.  Ended with PiYo and a visit to my chiropractor for an adjustment.


Tuesday: Speed Work Track Repeats.  First, I warmed up for about a mile and a half because my Garmin couldn't find the satellite signal.  Then my main trail is under construction so I was detoured into the street where I had to share a very narrow lane with cyclists. Here is how my repeats when down: 1000m @ 4:15 (6:48 mile pace) 2000m @ 8:59 (7:12 mile pace) 1000m @ 4:39 (7:26 mile pace) 1000m @ 4:21(7:04 mile pace).  This was a tough run day for me, my body felt heavy and sluggish.  I just couldn't meet my scheduled pace @ 4:15 (6:48 mile pace).  I felt discouraged and defeated but I never gave up. I finished all repeats and then found a beautiful patch of pink and purple flowers.  They made up for the yucky run and made for a great background for my Instagram photo;  check it out @crossmyheartfitness.


Wednesday: Cross Training Spin Class, plus some core work.


Thursday: Long Run 20 miles.  This was another tough run because I had to switch my schedule around.  Usually I do my long runs on the weekend, but this week I had to move it to Thursday.  After I had trained my morning clients, I went out for my long run and I had to endure full sun and temps in the 70s.  It was another tough training run day.  I averaged around 8:35 for the 20 miles.  Those last few miles were really tough to get through due to the heat.


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I worked all day on my feet and didn't exercise or run.