Week 10 Boston Marathon Training 2016

This week went really well.  I felt strong, kept my diet in check and slept at least 8 hours every night.  I am trying to get as much rest as possible, because over the next few weeks I will have to rearrange my training schedule to accommodate my weekend activities.  This will be my last regular training week for a while.

Monday: Cross training on row machine and Piyo Class

I began my day training two clients.  We completed an upper body resistance training program using 12 lbs dumbbells.  We also worked on core with sit ups, crunches, planks and balance training.

Row Machine Intervals: 5 min easy, 10x (1 min easy, 1 min hard) 5 min easy.


Tuesday: Hill Repeats (speed work in disguise).

We live in the hills of Southern California, so it is easy for me to find several different hills to train on.  Today I did 10 different hill sprints for a total of 1,425 ft elevation gain and a total of 5.6 miles. 


Wednesday: Spin Class cross training day


Thursday: 10 mile tempo run with warm up and cool down. Average pace for the 10 miles was 8:03 without stopping to rest.  So thankful for the cooler weather this week.


Friday: Rest


Saturday: Long run 15 miles at 8:15 average pace.  Felt pretty good today and my hamstring wasn't as achy.  My endurance felt really good, I didn't feel like I was working too hard.  I am still averaging a little faster than my schedule, but I am keeping in a comfortable pace and trying to not work too hard as I would have to at race pace.  You never want to run your long runs at race pace, otherwise you are technically racing every weekend and not allowing your body time to recover.  Trying to find the happy medium.


Sunday: Rest