Week 12 Boston Marathon Training 2016

The countdown has almost begun! Almost one month away and I am so ready for the taper.  My body has been tired, I have been busy working events every weekend and trying to fit in my training schedule has been difficult to say the least.  Sleep deprivation and lack of normal meal times is also becoming an issue due to my busy work schedule.  Hopefully after this weekend, things will settle down and I can get back to normal.

Monday Kettle bell training with my clients this morning, two hours of back-to-back training.  Then on to the gym for some intervals on the Row Machine ( 5 min easy pace, 15 min at tempo pace, 5 min easy pace) followed by an hour of PiYo.  Mondays are my extremely busy mornings!

Tuesday Speed Work: 3x 1600 It went terrible today! So frustrating with wind resistance and Garmin satellite issues.  I couldn't hit the target pace of 6:51 per repeat, instead I was closer to 7:00 and 7:17.  I pushed through every mile repeat and did my best to get it done.

Wednesday: Spin Class/Cross Training Day

Thursday: Long Run @ 16 miles.  I had to switch my long run day again this week due to my work schedule.  It went great!  I was able to maintain an average pace of 8:05 according to Strava.  I chose a hilly route, so I was pleased with my finish time.  Still trending a little faster than my target pace, but I am monitoring my body and how hard I am working so I don't over do it.

Friday & Saturday: Rest Day/Working at the Hot Chocolate 15K San Diego Expo at the Nuun Hydration booth.

Sunday: Hot Chocolate 15K San Diego/Tempo Run.  I decided to make this a tempo run, but I actually ended up racing it!  It was a hilly course, which was challenging.  I worked on maintaining good hill running form (falling forward from my feet into the hill, shortening my stride, and powering up those hills).  The final mile is mainly down hill, so I was able make a pretty good finish time of 1:11:28 which is a new PR for me by 2 minutes!  Average pace was 7:31 according to Strava.  The race felt great, I didn't work too hard because I didn't want to completely over do it and pay the cost.  Near the end I met a woman who was in my age group, so I was a little motivated to beat her, and I did, by 16 seconds.  I ended up finishing second place for my age group.  We never saw the first place woman, but apparently she finished four minutes before we did.