Week 13 Boston Marathon Training 2016

This week of my training is bitter sweet, it marks my last long 20 mile run.  The taper will begin next week.  I am both excited for the taper to begin because I know I am getting closer to race day and I can tell that my body is tired and ready for the recovery phase, but that also means that race day is almost over.  I have pushed it and I just hope I haven't over done it.

Monday: Cross training at the gym with an hour PiYo Class to stretch and strengthen followed by some intervals on the Row Machine.  First I did 5 minutes at an easy pace, then 5 minutes at a tempo run effort, then 5 minutes of easy pace, and 5 minutes at tempo, and a cool down of 5 minutes of easy rowing.  It felt good, but my glutes always feel rock hard when I am done, as if I am sitting on rocks! Ouch!!

Tuesday: Speed Work 10x 400m repeats.  My schedule was to perform each quarter mile in 1:36.  Here is how my splits went down: 1:25, 1:25, 1:27, 1:27, 1:26, 1:25, 1:26, 1:29, 1:32, 1:29.  I was thrilled to see that I was faster than my scheduled pace!  The previous weeks I noticed I was having trouble hitting my target pace, and that was so frustrating.  Today proved the work is paying off and I am getting faster with less effort.  I felt great with the effort I put into the repeats today.  They were hard, but not too hard and I didn't go full out to complete exhaustion.

Wednesday: Spin Class

Thursday: 8 miles at tempo with warm up and cool down.  My schedule was for a race pace run at 8:12 but I have been able to go a little faster with less effort so I ended up doing 8 miles at an average pace of 8:00.  I also did some upper body resistance training with 12 lbs dumbbells and some core work on the balance ball.  After my run, I noticed my Achilles acting up on my left leg. It mainly was achy coming up the last big hill.  Not good news when I still have a long 20 mile run this weekend.

Friday: Rest, ice, yoga and stretching.  I also put on some compression socks to help with my achilles pain.

Saturday: Last long run at 20 miles.  It started out pretty good, I felt good with the 4 miles of down hill but I did notice that both my hamstring/glute and achilles were acting up and angry.  I tried to keep it easy on the up hills because that is when the achilles really hurt. I decided to finish out the final 2 miles on the flat part of my trail and not go up our hill back to our house.  This made for a great negative split!  My average pace for the 20 miles was around 8:19 according to my Garmin and 8:08 according to Strava.  Still faster than my schedule called for at 8:27 but I am thinking maybe my race pace will be closer to 8:00 this year.

Sunday: Rest, ice, stretch and recover.