Ready for Boston Marathon 2016!!!

The training is done and Marathon Monday is almost here.  Hard to believe I started training back in December for my fourth Boston Marathon.  It actually went by rather quickly. The first month was a little difficult due to a breast cancer scare, but thankfully my biopsy came back benign.  It was a scary month and wouldn't you know the very first day of training was also the day I received the call to come back in for a second mammogram.  I trained through that first month of tests and doctor visits, staying hopeful that I wouldn't need surgery or chemo.  God was so good, keeping me calm through that uncertain month. 

Now here I am all packed and ready to catch a plane and chase my dream tomorrow morning.  Boston has a special place in my heart ever since running it my first year in 2013.  It took me a while to get there due to a stress fracture in November of 2010 that required some surgery.  I had already qualified but had to put those Boston dream on hold until I was able to recover and qualify again.  It took me until 2012 at the LA Marathon to make my dream a reality.  I always wondered why God wanted me to run my first Boston Marathon the year of the bombing.  I learned and grew so much after healing that year and returning in 2014 was a real gift from above.  I will never forget feeling so loved by the city and the people of Boston.  It was a true homecoming and I am anxious to get back there this year....back home.

I can honestly say, I am not scared, nervous or anxious about this race this year.  Pure excitement and joy has taken over and a real love for the city.  Tomorrow we fly from Southern California to Boston and I could probably fly there on my own wings!!  #BostonStrong