Speed Play in Swedish, a fast bout of running (70-90% effort) followed by a bout of rest.  The practice of fast running without the specific speed and rest intervals of a track workout.

Warm up for 10-15 minutes, Fartlek for 20-45 minutes, cool down for 10 minutes.

Unstructured: After a warm up, run faster than easy pace to a certain point (that stop sign ahead or the next block) then run easy pace to another certain point, then run fast again, etc. Try on a hill. Run to top of hill, jog down the hill. Run one block fast, followed by one block easy pace.

Structured: Warm up then run one minute fast followed by one minute easy pace, and back to one minute fast, then try two minutes fast and two minutes easy, three minutes fast and three minutes easy, four minutes fast, three minutes slow, five min fast, three minutes slow, three minutes fast, three slow, two fast and two slow, back down to one fast and one slow and finish with cool down.

15 x 1 minute fast and 1 minute easy

3, 5, 7, 5, 3 minute with 1 minute easy in between.


  • Trains the cardiorespiratory system and muscular systems to efficiently absorb, deliver and utilize oxygen while moving carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

  • Improves endurance with low muscle stress.

  • Promotes a more efficient running form.

  • Teaches patience while managing low grade physical discomfort.

  • Increases strength, improves form, less chance of injury due to less strain on ligaments and tendons.

  • Great for all types of runners.

  • An excellent way to intro effort sessions for new run/walkers.

  • Great for gaining strength.

  • Helps by increasing mental fitness for all types of runners.

  • Can be done anywhere, on any terrain, any distance, grade, pace recovery, etc.

This information I acquired during my RRCA certification course.