Feetures! Product Review


I never really gave socks much of a thought until I became a runner.  I started like most beginners do, in a cotton sock thinking the cotton would let my feet breath.  Wrong!  Soggy feet are not a good way to run, and cause a lot of slipping around in your shoes leaving you prone to blisters.  I had issues with socks not fitting correctly, the toe of the sock was stitched so that it rubbed my toes and caused pressure that was uncomfortable, and they offered no support. 

Once I became a more advanced runner, I started taking notice of not only my running shoes but also socks.  I tried various brands at first and wasn’t happy with the way they washed and balled up, plus I couldn’t get the proper fit.  Then I tried Feetures!, and I was sold! 

I tested three of their products:  Elite Light Cushion, High Performance Light Cushion, and Elite Ultra Light.  First off, they fit my foot perfectly, like a glove!  They hugged my foot in all the right places and even supported my high arches.  I was impressed with the feel of the sock, due to the high thread count.  Feetures! uses a higher number of stitches per square inch that creates a cushioning that protects the foot with less bulk.  No one wants a bulky sock in their running shoe!  The socks stay put and never roll up or slip down.

The Elite type of sock uses their patent-pending Sock-Lock technology to provide targeted support where it is needed most.  Basically, it hugs your foot in all the right places so there is no bulk and it supports the foot well, that your foot and sock become one.  I did prefer the Elite Light Cushion over the High Performance for running only because they are thinner, and I like a really thin sock.  When I am working out with clients, I prefer a little more cushion, so that’s when I turn to the Ultra Light. 

Here are the basic differences between the Elite Ultra Light and the Elite Light Cushion according to their website:

Ultra Light
“Our Ultra Light socks are super thin and extra breathable, and are designed to keep your feet cool under the most intense conditions. These socks take up less room in the shoe and are perfect if you prefer a lighter, cooler feel.

Light Cushion
Our Light Cushion socks are designed with high-density cushioning that provides extra protection in high impact zones. Light Cushion socks are great for those who prefer cushioned comfort without a lot of bulk.”

For those running in wet conditions or those with stinky feet, you may like the Merino+®.  “Merino+® is our unique blend of super fine Merino wool and rayon from bamboo. It is luxuriously soft, machine washable and has inherent anti-odor properties. Most importantly, Merino+® insulates when wet—keeping your feet warm in wet, cool conditions.”

Another great feature is the iWick™

“Our iWick polyester and nylon fibers combine an incredibly soft hand with outstanding moisture managing properties. iWick fibers pull moisture away from the skin and move it to the outer layer of the fabric where it evaporates and dries quickly. In addition, iWick fibers are specially engineered to enhance breathabilty by allowing air to move through the fabric with ease. The result is that iWick fibers do a superior job of keeping feet cool and dry.”

Feetures! socks stay firmly in place and eliminate movement between the foot and sock that often causes blisters.  I never even noticed I was wearing a sock because they fit so well.

One other exceptional feature is the Perfect Toe —

“...our trademarked seam-free toe closure. The "Perfect Toe" is hand-linked so both the inside and outside surface of the sock are completely smooth, eliminating the irritation and discomfort caused by traditional toe seams. In addition, we use a combination of the world's best natural and synthetic moisture managing fibers that not only work to keep your feet dry, but also feel soft against your skin. As a result, Feetures! socks provide unsurpassed comfort to make your activities more enjoyable.”

The socks wash up really well and don’t ball up like some other brands I have tried.  This is probably because they reinforce all of their socks in the “high impact zones.”  All of their products are backed by a unique Lifetime Guarantee.  Now who can say that about their socks?!