Fillmore Container Product Review

fillmore containers.jpg

I received a generous selection of small/medium sized jars and a selection of the larger jars to review.   I have completely eliminated plastic from my pantry and even use these jars in the freezer too.  I use them to store nuts, seeds, grains, beans, rice.

For food prep: yogurt parfait, oatmeal, salads.

I really like the jars, and they help to make food storage a little more creative and perhaps be a better fit for some of the dry storage than a traditional canning jar with a two-piece lid.  These lids are only one piece and don't rust.

Not only are these jars practical, but pretty too! 

If you would like to place an order, here are the product codes for the jars in the photo:

Large Jars: Salad-Widemouth Straight-sided  (G32-01C)

Almonds- widemouth thumbprint  (A24-01C)

Walnuts - Queenline  (AA20-30C)

Oatmeal- Small Jars: Front 8 oz Square Mason  ( G08-03C)

Yogurt Parfait - 8 oz smooth-sided/tapered  (R08-12C)

Beans & quinoa - 12 oz economy  (A12-05C)