Trigger Point Performance just sent me The Grid Mini to review, and at first, I was skeptical.  I use an 18” foam roller everyday, and this one seemed too small measuring in at 5" tall by 5.5" diameter.  I tried using it like I would the 18” foam roller, and I hated it; just way too small to try and balance while rolling my entire hamstring or calf, I kept rolling right off of it.  I decided I needed to learn the correct way to use it, so I went to the tutorial videos:

The GRID Mini is designed to be used in a different way.  It works best for smaller areas of pain, so you can work out the knots.  For those of you that use a softball to loosen up those tight knots in you muscles, this will do the trick but much better.  You can easily move it in different directions and roll the muscle both up and down, and side to side.  It really pinpoints the problem areas. 

As an endurance athlete, I find foam rolling a valuable recovery technique.  Foam Roll or Self Myofascial Release (SMR) helps to stretch and reduce muscle ache/tension by loosening up the fascia around your muscles with a unique targeted massage.  This self massage is designed to increase circulation and maintain muscle flexibility.  It is important for me to recover quickly, so I can get back to my training, and The GRID Mini helps accomplish that goal. 

There are many benefits of The GRID Mini, and it can be used in addition to the traditional longer foam rollers.  Due to its smaller size, it allows you to get into those smaller muscles, like the piriformis.  The GRID Mini is also firmer than your average foam roller to allow for a deep tissue massage.  It works great on the glutes, lats, and pecs.

Muscle tightness restricts range of motion, which leads to poor movement patterns inducing premature fatigue and causing injury.  The SMFR (Self-Myofascial Release) helps improve muscular balance and performance.

Here are some benefits of Self-Myofascial Release according to

- Corrects muscle imbalances• Improves joint range of motion

- Relieves muscle soreness and joint stress

- Decreases neuromuscular hypertonicity

- Increases extensibility of musculotendinous junction

- Improves neuromuscular efficiency

- Maintains normal functional muscular length


Earlier I noted that I was skeptical about its small size, but once I learned out how to use it, its size became a big plus.  I like that it fits neatly into my gym bag and is easy to pack for air travel.


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