Island Boost Product Review



I was first introduced to Island Boost after receiving it in my RunnerBox.  I was very interested in finding out more about this liquid fuel so I reached out to the company and was thrilled when the creator,  Laura Mildon, sent me some samples to try.  Not only did she send me enough samples to personally try, but also some extra samples to use as a giveaway; a very generous company!

According to the website:

Our primary customers are broken into two types: those with very sensitive stomachs, and we make the promise that one with a sensitive system won't experience nausea, vomiting (or worse...diarrhea...there's a reason people scope out where all the port-a-potties are!) and those who want immediate energy the moment they feel they need it. In the case of Island Boost, you really can take "as needed" versus other fueling products that have to be digested before the body metabolizes the energy as glucose to be dumped into the bloodstream.

We use coconut water for the electrolytes, glucose as our primary carbohydrate for immediate energy (our bodies convert everything we eat into glucose) and fructose for longer-lasting energy. We use fruit juice concentrates for the flavoring. When you try it, you'll notice that it's sweet. We can't get around that, glucose by nature is very sweet, but that's what it takes to have a faster fuel that is absorbed into the bloodstream and not digested.

Can be taken the moment energy is needed - gels and gummies take between 20-30 minutes to be digested before delivering glucose into the bloodstream. Island Boost can be taken whenever energy is needed to stave off muscle cramps and restore performance levels

The energy in Island Boost is absorbed into the blood stream at more than double the rate the body can produce by breaking down stored energy or by digesting food on the go.  Island Boost rapidly delivers the energy you need to perform and keep going strong while preventing the body from breaking down muscle mass.

Features & Benefits:

-No artificial man-made carbohydrates - most contain maltodextrin, a polymerized and hydrolyzed carbohydrate

-It’s a LIQUID - not a thick, sticky gel. For many, it's hard to run, breathe, and swallow while having a thick gel stuck in the back of the throat.

-Faster fuel formulated with glucose, the fastest energy source that is absorbed into the bloodstream quicker to fuel muscles

-No need to drink a bottle of water to dissolve the carbohydrates, they’re readily absorbed via the coconut water

-No artificial sweeteners, flavors and shelf stable for a year

-Delicious frozen for those runs on hot days

-Vegan and gluten free

Before giving them a test run, I did a little research.  Since I am not educated in nutrition, I enlisted some help from a dietitian friend of mine.  Stephanie Bouquet, MS, RD, CSSD, CDE, has been a practicing registered dietitian with her main focus on weight management, diabetes and sports nutrition counseling.  ( 

The following are her comments about it's nutritional information and claims:

All the ingredients are natural (not chemically made) - potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate are common preservatives in lots of the engineered foods that are used to promote shelf life (they are mold inhibitors).

The sugars (carbohydrate sources) in the product are all simple carbohydrates meaning they do hit the blood stream very quickly (the five minute timeframe they advertise), but the after drop can come that fast as well. That's why a lot of the other products use maltodextrin. (this is a complex carbohydrate polymer that is released more slowly which is good for a continued energy source)  I'm sure there are those that are sensitive to maltodextrin, but a product that is all simple carbohydrates is going to be VERY sweet and may also cause GI distress.

The other thing about a product made from simple carbohydrates that rush into the bloodstream is that it increases the osmolarity meaning the rate of stomach emptying is increased - that leads to GI distress often. I find it surprising that this product states that it actually DECREASES GI distress. (I would think it would be the opposite)  I do like that it is liquid form (the coconut water and regular water provide hydration for absorption right in the product).

The amount of carbohydrate (16g) is lower than GU or similar so maybe that is why GI distress is not experienced. The only issue is that the body needs somewhere between 20-30 grams per hour to prevent glycogen depletion.

I decided to test this a couple different ways.  First, I took it on a long run and used it after 45 minutes into my run.  The packets are longer than your average gels, but you need the added space because you don't want the liquid to spill on you when you open the packet. Fold the top over, and it's the same size as a packet of Gu. It was very easy to open and easy to swallow being a liquid which I really enjoy!  The gels and GU can be difficult to get down and require a lot of extra water, but Island Boost goes down easily and quickly.  I enjoyed the Passion flavor, but it was extremely sweet!  So sweet that I needed to take in some water to just get the sweet taste out of my mouth.  Unlike other gels I have used, I did notice an instant boost.  After taking it, I completed my 13 mile run and had the energy stay on pace and finish strong.  I do not have a sensitive stomach so I didn’t notice any digestion issues.  Often I suffer with heartburn, but after taking Island Boost, I didn’t notice any problems with that either.  My energy was sustained, and I didn’t notice any crash.

My second test run was using Island Boost as pre-run fuel.  I had my normal breakfast and had trained a few clients and finished teaching my morning group workout session and needed a little something before I went on my six mile run.  I grabbed Island Boost before I left and drank it down.  My run went great!  No issues in the stomach or energy levels.  I was able to get my run in without crashing after a few miles due to lack of fuel.

I even decided to try it one morning right after I woke up.  I noticed the weather was unusually cooler, and I wanted to get out there and run ASAP but needed some fast fuel, so I grabbed one, and again it performed great!  The 1 oz. pouch are available in 3 flavors: Passion (Passion Fruit), Aspire (Strawberry-Orange) and Renegade (Blueberry Pomegranate).

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