Chocolate Island Boost Liquid Fuel Product Review

chocolate island boost.jpg

I decided to test this a couple different ways.  First, I took it on a long run and used it after 45 minutes into my run.  The packets are longer than your average gels, but you need the added space because you don't want the liquid to spill on you when you open the packet.  Fold the top over, and it's the same size as a packet of Gu.  It was very easy to open and easy to swallow being a liquid, which I really enjoy!  The gels and GU can be difficult to get down and require a lot of extra water, but Island Boost goes down easily and quickly.

I enjoyed the new Chocolate flavor; tastes like high quality Belgian chocolate without being too sweet.  I am a chocolate lover and really appreciate a good tasting chocolate, and Island Boost sure got it right.  It isn’t too rich or syrupy like you would probably expect, but still a liquid with all the flavor of a smooth chocolate bar.

Unlike other gels I have used that take time to kick in, I did notice an instant boost of energy.  After taking it, I completed my 13-mile run and had the energy to stay on pace and finish strong.  I do not have a sensitive stomach, so I didn’t notice any digestion issues.  Often I suffer with heartburn, but after taking Island Boost I didn’t notice any problems with that either.  My energy was sustained, and I didn’t notice any crash.

My second test run was using Island Boost as pre-run fuel.  I had my normal breakfast, trained a few clients and finished teaching my morning group workout session so I needed a little something before I went on my six mile run.  I grabbed Island Boost before I left and drank it down.  My run went great!  No issues in the stomach or energy levels.  I was able to get my run in without crashing after a few miles due to lack of fuel.

I even decided to try it one morning right after I woke up.  I noticed the weather was unusually cooler, and I wanted to get out there and run ASAP but needed some fast fuel, so I grabbed one and again it performed great!  The 1 oz. pouch is available in three flavors: Passion (Passion Fruit), Aspire (Strawberry-Orange) and Renegade (Blueberry Pomegranate).  The new chocolate isn’t available yet, but with your help it soon will be!  You can click here to join the funding campaign.


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