Music and running go hand-in-hand. I have playlists for my speed work, long runs, and tempo runs, as well as cross training workouts on the row machine and spin bike. I like to work off the beat of the music, so my speed work requires songs that keep me moving fast where as my long runs require a slower pace and slower beat. Earbuds are vital to my training, and if they fall out or fail, that’s a big problem.

I used to use the earbuds that came with my iPhone, but those would often times get blown out when the Santa Ana Winds BLEW. I have tried several different brands over the years and have found that Jaybird RUN work the best, AND are completely wireless, so no cords to mess with or tug on my ears. 



The Jaybird RUN earbuds fit comfortably in each ear and have several different sizes of ear tips and fins to ensure the perfect fit. Don’t be surprised if you have to try all of them to find the perfect fit, and you may have to use different sizes in each ear. Mine fit perfectly right out of the box, and they have never fallen out. Please note that they do fit very snugly deep in your ear and block out almost all outside sounds, which can be dangerous to runners or cyclists.  I would suggest pulling them out a bit as to add a little air to flow into the ear so you can hear the noises around you and still enjoy your music. If that doesn’t work for you, then wear only one earbud so you can still hear with your other ear.

The Run pair with your phone using Bluetooth, and Once setup they will sync instantly from then on when you open the charging case and pull them out.  You don’t even have to turn them on; they turn on automatically when you open the case.  The controls are easy to use. You just need to press the main middle button on the left or right bud. You can even accept phone calls, which is very convenient when you are in the middle of a long run and don’t want to stop and fumble with your phone. you can also make calls by pushing the middle button and activating your phone's voice-activated assistant.


The charging case is small and compact, so you can carry it with you with great ease. Battery life is four hours ,and if you have the case on you, you can put the earbuds back in the case to charge for 5 minutes and get an extra hour of playtime. I am never out running for longer than four hours, so this has never been an issue for me; four hours of battery life is plenty. And one last feature, they are sweat-proof and water resistant, so you can wear them in the rain!

**I do not race with music, I like to hear the sounds of the spectators and entertainment on the course as well as hear if any emergency vehicles or blind runners are on the course. **