LOCK LACES™ Product Review


Have you ever been out running and your shoe spontaneously comes untied for no apparent reason?  I was out doing speed drills one day, and during my first drill my right shoe came undone.  I, of course, couldn’t stop to tie it since I was in the middle of my drill, so I kept going, praying I wouldn’t trip.  When I could, I stopped to tie it and checked to make sure it was secure.  Wouldn’t you know, when I began my second one-minute drill and the other shoe came untied!  This had never happened to me before.  Again, I had to struggle through it and then stop again and tie it, deciding to double knot it this time.  Thank goodness this had never happened during a marathon when you don’t stop for anything!

I had heard about Lock Laces and thought I would give them a try.  I visited their website, and here’s what it said:

With LOCK LACES™ patented "elastic shoelace and fastening system" you have a product that is high tech with low maintenance.  Worry free LOCK LACES™ provide a better fit for improved performance.

LOCK LACES™ sustains compression across the foot increasing the amount of oxygen available to the muscles which helps endurance athletes manage fatigue.

Great for runners, walkers, triathlons, and other sports
Ideal for kids, seniors and those with special needs.

I liked what I read and was curious to try them out.  I received a 3-pack to take out on a test run. I was surprised at how easy they were to install.  (There is a tutorial video on their website)  First thing I learned was to put your foot in your shoe and then install the laces.  Genius!  I had never done that before, and it made perfect sense to get the perfect fit. 

With my foot in the shoe, I started to lace them, making sure I liked the amount of pressure and tension as I worked my way to the top of the shoe.  I made proper adjustments, because once they are in place and secured with the locking clip, they don’t move!  There is no loosening up as you run due to the locking device that holds the laces in place. This lock uses a high-tension alloy spring that won’t rust or corrode and holds the laces in place so they stay secure and maintain the same constant tension on the foot without loosening.  Once the locking clip is in place, cut the ends of the laces and snap on the end clip to hold the ends together.  I liked tucking in the clip so it won’t flop around during a run. 

The laces are made out of durable, multi-banded strands of elastic (the same elastic used for bungee cords) that won’t break or dry rot.  The elastic laces give you greater flexibility with a tighter, more comfortable fit than traditional shoelaces.  Now I don’t have to worry about my shoes coming untied ever again!

As for performance, they lived up to their billing of sustaining compression around my foot.  I was aware of the support without it being uncomfortable or mentally distracting.

All said, Lock Laces do exactly what they claim, AND I loved the color selections!  There are so many you are bound to find one that compliments your shoes.  Also, when ordering, you have the option to order just one pair or multiple pairs, and the more you buy, the more you save.