Long Slow Distance Run (LSD)

Remember, Fuel is KEY!!

Try and eat a good meal about 1-3 hours before your run. My favorite: Ezekiel bead, peanut butter and banana, coffee with half and half, water.  Carry your water with you and find a route where you can refill or purchase more liquid.  Don't forget your fuel too!  I prefer Huma Chia Energy Gels packs, I take one every 45 min. with water.

Remember, you are building endurance so there is no need to run at race pace! If you try and run every endurance run at race pace, it is as if you are racing every weekend and not giving your body enough time to rest in between.

The Long Slow Distance Run is designed to build endurance.  You should be running at 20 to 30 seconds slower than your race pace.

Practice your negative splits, start out running slower than your ideal pace and then go a little faster at the finish.  I am trying to maintain an average pace of 8:27.  I will start out at a pace around 8:40 and then speed up near the 1/2 way mark at mile 11.  I try to finish the last few miles faster closer to my race pace of 8:13 per mile.

Build mileage slowly!  First timers, you need to be able to run 6 miles without stopping.  Then every weekend increase by 1 mile and no more until you are able to run 18 miles, then you can build by 2 miles. Never increase more than 10%.  Most training plans have you run up to 20 miles, I prefer to run up to 22-23. Believe me, there is a HUGE difference between running 20 and 26.2 miles!

Simulate the race as much as possible on your Long Endurance Run. Eat the same dinner you will the night before and eat the same breakfast. Carry your fuel and take it every 45 minutes. Practice with your hydration device. Wear your entire outfit and shoes you plan on for the race. You can see what works and what doesn't.

If your course is hilly, practice on hills.  If the course is flat, make your training runs on flat surfaces.  Lots of turning on the route, then practice turning.  If you only practice running straight and your race has a lot of turns, you will end up with blisters.  Remember the training is the time to prepare for the race and simulate it as much as possible.

You can do it!  You have trained hard and gradually, You got this!

Happy Race Day!  And don't forget to SMILE as you cross the finish line for the photographers!!