I am a huge fan of sleeves for those cooler morning runs.  When I get warm, I just have to pull them off and stuff them in my pockets.  It’s much better than wearing a jacket and having to stop and tie it around my waist while maintaining my pace.  The sleeves have a handy SureGrip loop located on the inside at the top of the sleeve for on-and-off on the fly.  They are so easy to pull off; grab the loop and pull the entire sleeve off in one clean swoop.  No messing around with your PR!

Diptic 2.jpg

Nathan BreakAway Sleeves are the most comfortable sleeves I have tried.  Other brands tend to have an elastic band that goes around the upper arm which often squeezes the biceps making it uncomfortable cutting off circulation.  The knit (70% nylon, 24% polyester, 6% elasthane) is constructed so that is doesn’t squeeze but rather fits and stretches to the arm’s natural shape allowing a natural running arm swing.  The thumb hole is an added bonus.  Most sleeves don’t include this, and I like that it keeps my hands a little bit warmer.  The thermo-regulating material wicks and breathes meaning no more dripping wet sleeves, and they protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.  For nighttime runners, the reflective “Nathan” name appears on the outer part of the sleeve allowing for highly visible reflectivity.  I personally love the bright pink color (also available in black) and the added styling around the elbow and forearm.


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