Optic Nerve Omnium Product Review


Optic Nerve sent me their newly released feather-light Omnium frame with polarized lenses.  I had the option of choosing between three frame colors: Shiny White, Shiny Black or Shiny Carbon.  I decided to go with the Shiny Carbon, which has a slight metallic finish with a very sleek and slim frame.  The minimalist design works great on both men and women, so they aren’t gender specific.


First impressions; these glasses are really light at just over one ounce in weight.  They fit comfortably and don’t weigh down my ears and nose.  There is no slipping off my nose due to the tactile dual-injected adjustable nose-piece, which can be positioned to fit tighter or looser on the bridge of your nose.  The nose-piece is metal with a black rubber coating with ridges to help it stay put and not slip even under severe sweating conditions.  This nose-piece has an added open space around the bridge of the nose to allow for air circulation, which helps to reduce fogging and perspiration related issues.

However, I did notice the glasses did slip a bit off my ears since there is no rubber on the earpieces.  Since I wear a hat when I run, I tuck the ends of the frames under my hat so the glasses stay put.

The injection polycarbonate polarized lenses provide 100% UV protection and have a hydrophobic clear coat to repel water, oil and dust.  All Optic Nerve products meet ANSI Z80.3 stands for optical clarity and impact resistance.  Since I spend a lot of time running in direct sunlight, I really liked the polarized lenses; no more glare!

Information from their website:

Polarized lenses have an invisible horizontal filter integrated into the lens which is designed to eliminate reflected [or polarized] light. This polarized light is more commonly referred to as glare. When sunlight is reflected off a surface, it becomes concentrated and even more intense. Polarized lenses filter out 99.9% of this reflected glare. Recommended for bright sun and variable light conditions. Lens performance is fully maximized on/or around water.

I really like these glasses and still can’t believer how light they are.  I literally forgot I was wearing them!  Since I am always wearing glasses and a hat when I run, I want them to fit comfortably, perform well during marathons, and look good in photos, and these glasses meet that criteria.  Oh and an added bonus, they are affordable at only $65, and they even throw in a nice fabric storage bag.