OrthoLite Insoles Product Review

OrthoLite sent me a sample of their Performance Insoles to try out and review. I never really gave much attention to the insoles of my running shoes before. Usually I just use whatever insoles come inside the shoes, never realizing that you can take them out and replace them. Several companies use OrthoLite for their athletic, casual, dress, work and outdoor shoes. You may already be using them if you wear ASICS, New Balance, Merrell, Nike, PUMA, Timberland and several more. 

·      Here are some of the benefits of using OrthoLite Fusion Insoles:

·      Breathable: Air circulated in and around the insoles leaving the foot cooler and drier

·      Moisture Wicking: Unique insole structure moves moisture away from your foot

·      Retains Structure: Unlike many of the insoles on the market that go flat, unique spring-back technology ensures your insoles will retain more than 95% of its thickness over time

·      Antimicrobial: Patented formulation fights fungus, bacteria and odor

·      Lightweight: Insoles provide cushioning and optimum performance without adding weight to the shoe

·      Fully washable

·      Availability: available for purchase on OrthoLite.com for $19.99/pair

·      $1 from each purchase of OrthoLite Fusion insoles made on ortholite.com goes directly to the Level Field Fund, a grant-giving program that strives to bridge the gap in funding to uniquely talented athletes

The first time I decided to go for a run with the OrthoLite insoles, I accidently grabbed my old “dead” pair of running shoes and pulled out the old worn insoles and replaced them with the OrthoLites. They were a little challenging to get into my already well-worn and broken-in shoes. I had to remove them several times to try and get them deep inside the toe box and then push the heel portion in evenly without any bumps or folds. After putting on my shoe, I didn’t really notice a difference until I started running. My shoes felt more bouncy, and I did notice a lot more cushioning which was interesting because these were my old dead shoes that hurt my feet! When I returned home, took off my shoes and replaced them in my closet, I realized what I had done; grabbed the old pair of shoes. The interesting thing is I didn’t even notice it while I was running! Before replacing the insoles I would have noticed how sore my feet were, but not with the new insoles. Maybe these old shoes have a little more life in them!

Another interesting observation, my feet weren’t as sweaty and the insoles were virtually dry. I observed the opposite when wearing my regular insoles in my shoes all day long then having to remove them to do yoga, and my feet were sweaty and stinky! Not fun when you are in a room with other people in yoga positions down on the ground where they can smell your feet!  

OrthoLite insloles don’t go flat and wear out like traditional insoles do. This is excellent news for endurance athletes like myself that put miles and miles on their running shoes. I know first-hand that added comfort and cushion during a three hour run is a bonus!