Sequence by Optic Nerve Product Review


Optic Nerve has done it again! No more searching for the perfect glasses to wear in the sun, shade, overcast mornings or low light evenings. The new Sequence model makes running in all types of weather simple with their new “proprietary technology,” a small switch-like apparatus that allows users to quickly change lenses with minimal handling. Depending on the weather conditions, users can switch out the lenses instantly.

  • Polarized Smoke - for the brightest sun conditions; perfect for direct sunlight; polarized lenses also cut glare

  • Copper - for variable lens conditions; perfect for everyday use or slightly overcast days

  • Orange - for low light conditions; perfect for overcast days or heavily shaded areas (trails)

  • Clear - for extreme low light conditions; perfect for early morning or late night use

Sequence glasses fit comfortably, and they stay put; no slipping due to the adjustable nosepiece made out of non-slip Tactilite rubber.  Even under severe sweating conditions, they still don’t slip. They are very lightweight, but still don’t bounce around no matter how hard you are running.

They fit my face perfectly; I practically forget I am wearing glasses because I don’t have to keep adjusting them.

Available in Matte Black with black accents or Shiny White with red accents

Comes with a hard case, pouch for extra lenses and cleaning cloth. 

Hydrophobic clear coat to protect lenses against water, oil and dust

100% protection from harmful UV rays 

Frame is made from TR90, an incredibly durable and resilient nylon resin that prevents breaking and stretching

Meets ANSI Z80.3 standards for optical clarity and impact resistance

MSRP: $109