In my quest to find healthy, organic snack options, I was introduced to Simple Squares. These aren’t your normal, everyday snack bars, but quite a sophisticated bar with unique flavors.

Simple Squares organic snack bars are available in six flavors: sage, ginger, coconut, cinna-clove, coffee, and rosemary. It is nice to find a snack bar that has both sweet and savory flavors. As you might expect, the spice could overpower the flavor of these bars, but that is not the case. You can still taste the nuts as well as the slight sweetness from the honey, but with no overpowering honey flavor. I always worry about foods sweetened with honey because you tend to only taste the honey. Simple Squares has really done their homework. Each bar has its own unique flavor with the perfect balance of ingredients, so you can taste all of the flavors of each ingredient. Their ingredients are as simple as their name: nuts, honey, vanilla, sea salt, and herbs. 

 A few reasons why I love Simple Squares:

·      Raw ingredients

·      Certified Paleo

·      High in protein

·      Low in sugar and sodium

·      Sustainable source of energy

·      No wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, or soy

·      Unfired fare - never cooked or baked

·      USDA Organic

·      No GMOs

·      Certified gluten-free

·      Kosher


After sampling all six flavors, my favorite is cinna-clove for its spicy, nutty taste. I really enjoy the texture of the bars; the nuts still have a nice crunch and aren’t mushy. Here are some of my favorite ways to enjoy these bars:

·      Broken up into bits and sprinkled over plain nonfat yogurt with berries or steel cut oats

·      Cut into chunky bits and tossed in a salad for an interesting crouton

·      Paired with a piece of fruit for quick snack

·      Broken up and mixed with brown sugar and cinnamon for a muffin streusel topping

I had my team of taste-testers give them a try, and here is what they had to say:

They are literally what they say... SIMPLE.  Simple in good wholesome ingredients, yet complex in flavors that make them different and better than your normal nut bar.”

“Nice size bars that are thin enough to fit into on-the-go pouches or purses; perfect for lunch boxes or to stash in your office drawer and just enough nutrition to ‘refill the tank’ when feeling depleted.”

If you would like to give Simple Squares a try, go to and use promo code CMHF714 to save 15% at check out.