Once you have a good base of being able to run for about an hour, you may want to start adding in strides. Strides are short bursts of swift running for 80-150 meters.

First you always warm up with a mile at easy pace, a pace you can still talk (conversation pace) and run at the same time. Then do some strides: speed up for the next 40-100 meters, (max. heart rate) then slow down back to your conversation pace. Recover with slow jog or walk until your heart rate comes back down (below 120) then repeat stride for 6-10 times with recovery in between.

Purpose of Strides:

  • Promote good running form

  • Exercises your fast twitch muscle fibers

You can add Strides anytime during your weekly running schedule.  Throw in a few at the beginning of your run (one mile in) for warm up, or at the end for a cool down. You can do Strides on flat, slight incline or slight decline surfaces. Add 2-3 days per week.

Quick Tip: when you are on a long run and you feel like you need to slow down or walk try and do the opposite, speed up! Learn to go fast in fatigue instead of slowing down. If you can't seem to get those legs going faster, try moving your arms faster, your feet will follow!

This information I acquired during my RRCA certification course.