“The Start Here Diet” By Tosca Reno Book Review

I am a huge fan of Tosca Reno, and when I saw that she had a new book out, I jumped at the chance to review it!

I love The Eat Clean Diet series Tosca has written and was hoping this was going to be along the same lines. If you are looking for the usual Tosca content, with hard-core diet and exercises, then this book isn’t for you. This book is more for those wanting to take the first step in weight loss. Don’t get me wrong, it is an excellent book for beginners, and we all have to begin somewhere, right? Tosca does an excellent job of sharing her story of weight loss and how she took her first steps into an entirely new lifestyle.

In this new book Tosca uses a three-step process. Part 1, “Coming Out of Hiding,” is about taking a look at yourself and focusing on what is behind your weight gain and the reasons why you want to finally take the first step into losing the weight. She then walks you through some tough questions in  “Diving Inward” that put you on the path to lasting weight loss. 

Part 2, “Losing Weight and Regaining Yourself,” is all about baby steps. You learn how to determine what your hidden foods are and how to remove them, plus a section on how to get your body moving. Tosca walks you through your food addictions and how to better cope with your life struggles without turning to food. She guides you into a more healthy relationship with food teaching you to replace food addictions with healthier options. 

The section, “Moving a Little,” gives you some simple baby steps to move a little more than you normally do. Tosca suggests getting up out of your chair and doing small movements during daily activities such as housework. This is just one out of a list of 50 movements you’ll find that count as exercise. The important thing is you are beginning to move more and add exercise into your daily activities.

Part 3, “Renovating Day by Day,” gives you 28 days of meals and activities. Tosca will help you with shopping, reading labels, shopping for organic produce, cooking tips for all types of foods, and even meal planning.

Once you have tackled the kitchen, it’s time to get moving! Follow the “Beginning Challenge” to get started moving a little those first few weeks. Transition into the “Moderate Challenge” for adding in a little more activity during weeks 3-4, and end with the “High Challenge;” even more activities for weeks 5-6. As the weeks progress, you will learn to raise your exertion level and increase the frequency and duration of activities. You will even get a “Bonus Week: Highest Challenge,” too!

One of my favorite parts of the book, is Chapter 9, “A Constant in Your Life: Troubleshooting Disruptions and Staying on Course.” We all go through ups and downs in life, and often times our weight goes up and down, too. This section will help with mood swings, family matters, traveling, dining out, and how to deal with holidays and vacations all while staying on track.

In the final chapter, you will find some wonderful recipes. I have tried several of Tosca’s Eat Clean Diet recipes, and I love them! Always easy to prepare and so flavorful! Here are a few included in this book:


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Hawaiian Chicken Burger

One-Skillet Sweet and Sour Chicken

Mandarin Shrimp Salad

Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cake

Ricotta and Blackberry Crepes


I would suggest this book to my clients just getting started on a weight-loss program. It is excellent for the beginner wanting to learn the importance of diet and exercise. If you are already eating fairly healthy and exercising daily, I would suggest The Eat Clean Diet Revised by Tosca Reno.