I have been using Traumeel products for eight years.  My chiropractor recommended them to me for muscular pain during endurance training.  Traumeel is homeopathic, so it helps to activate the body’s self healing, offering natural relief that works with your body to temporarily reduce minor joint, back and muscular pain.  An added benefit from using homeopathic treatments is that there are no side effects (like increased risk of ulcers or stomach bleeding).  Traumeel is a safe alternative to conventional anti-inflammatories and there are no known drug interactions. 

Traumeel is made up of a combination of 12 botanical substances and two mineral substances and is backed by over two-dozen scientific and clinical studies.

Traumeel was first introduced to me in ointment form.  I used it on my sore muscles after a long endurance run or resistance training routine.  Just a small amount is all you need to massage into the muscles.  For added absorption, my chiropractor suggested I use moist heat on the muscles after applying the Traumeel.  This became my routine during my marathon training.  During endurance training, you want to recover quickly so you can get back to your training schedule.  Traumeel was able to help heal my muscles faster.

I began using the tablets when the muscle pain became more intense, mostly after my 20-mile training runs.  Again, Traumeel performed and reduced my pain more quickly than had I not used it.  Now I use the combination of both the cream and tablets.  The cream has no odor, isn’t greasy and is easy to massage into the skin.  The tablets dissolve under your tongue.  They have a slightly sweet taste and are also good to help for those that bruise easily. 

There are a lot of uses for Traumeel and it is helpful to keep on hand in your medicine cabinet. A few other uses, Traumeel is helpful to relieve congestion when you suffer with the common cold.  Simply massage your throat with Thaumeel to help loosen up the congestion.  It is also great on low back pain and joint pain too.


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